Hi William,

Yes, good point, thanks. I tend to write with a particular sort of drinker in mind, the sort who could probably keep drinking for their whole life and it would be shitty and their quality of life would suck, but they might not necessarily die.

Or people, who believe that at least. The sort of drinker, I was, to be exact. But you're right, and I couldn't have done these things before I got sober. If I could, maybe I wouldn't have needed to get sober.

You've given me something to think about. But I am not writing for all sorts of drinkers, more the 'high-functioning' alcoholic who believes they have it under control.

I think that helping people be more conscious about their drinking is also useful. Not everyone has crossed the line into full blown addiction, after all.

Some people, like me, quit when they are just crossing that threshold.

Thanks for reading, and for your feedback.


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