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Six things to look out for if you’re worried about your drinking.

Side profile of a white woman holding a glass of wine, with her long brown hair obscuring her face.
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Sarah Allen Benton’s book, Understanding the High-Functioning Alcoholic explodes old stereotypes of alcoholism. She explains that these ideas are not only wrong but dangerous.

It’s something I’ve written about before, the lesser understood fact that there are many different types of alcoholics or people with Alcohol Use Disorders (AUDs)and…

To live her highest potential she needs to quit the booze, so why will she start again?

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

Adele hit the news this week because she’s giving up alcohol. Is it strange that this is newsworthy? Perhaps. Does this say more about our obsession with celebrities or alcohol? I’m not sure.

Reading the story I was struck by:

a) how even millionaire hitmakers find 21st Century life…

Or how I spent hundreds of pounds not solving my biggest problems really slowly

None of my therapists looked like this, but you try drawing from memory with aphantasia.

Nice white lady #1, 2015

Trigger: A friend pushed me to go to the doctor after I admitted to having suicidal thoughts. (Apparently, this is alarming. Who knew?)

I cried to the GP and was given a prescription for Citalopram and a number to call the Talking Therapies team. Three months later I sat in…

Join me in a year of unmasking, and find a more authentic you 🥳 🤷 🥰 🤔

Intermittently in my life, I feel myself waking up. A new burst of inspiration and understanding comes, and I feel ALIIIIVEEEEE. I see the world around me and inhabit my body better, stop living so completely in my head.

This has happened recently. Perhaps because of the extended time of…

If the problem lies in your mind, you must stop trying to think your way out of it

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Addiction hijacks the mind. It infects your thinking and makes it impossible for you to trust your own thought process. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? My addiction tricked me for a long time, and it was hard work to stop being fooled. So don’t feel bad if you’re in booze’s clutches…

How do you form a sense of self when you constantly interrogate who you are?

Recently I have begun learning about the autistic struggle for self, and it is making a lot of sense to me.

My life has been defined by self-doubt. Endless self-interrogation taking the joy from new relationships and jobs alike. Do o really like them? Is this job the best possible…

Chelsey Flood

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